Programs 2011-2012

PROGRAMS 2011-2012

August 16, 2011Orientation and Introduction of New Members


September 20, 2011

Impaired Lawyers: Knowing the Signs, Intervention Techniques, and the Role of TLAP and the Board of Professional Responsibility [Dixon]

View Materials (.pdf)

(responsible for May Toast) CLE Program #109749

(1.5 hour – general credit)

Joe Binkley, Co-Captain Dixie Cooper Steve Lund
Winston Evans, Co-Captain Shomari Dailey Phillis Rambsy
Jackie Dixon, liaison Jamie Formont Jude White
John Arceci Michael Harmon  
Alan Bean Renard Hirsch  



October 18, 2011

Tort Reform School

View Materials (.pdf)

(responsible for April Toast) CLE Program #109750

(1.5 hours – general credit)

C.J. Gideon, Co-Captain Tarsila Crawford Gary Kellar
Bill Leader, Co-Captain James Dunn Ann Martin
Bill Ramsey, liaison Rebecca Dunnan Scott Sims
Laura Bishop David Green Bill Young
John Bryant Lisa Helton  



November 15, 2011

The Freedom Riders

Bergman v. United States (.pdf)

Dresner v. City of Tallahassee (.pdf)

Pierson v. Ray (.pdf)

(responsible for March Toast) CLE Program #109752

(1.5 hours – general credit)

Sue Kay, Co-Captain Jeff Gibson Rachel Ross
Luther Wright, Co-Captain Alexandria Glispie Donna Roberts
Charles Grant, liaison Lin Hou Scarlett Singleton
Margarett Behm Jason Murrie  
Sheila Calloway Mike Pasino  
Richard Dinkins    



December 6, 2011

Holiday Reception at the Blumsteins



January 17, 2012

The Lost Art of Negotiation

Negotiation Skills Self Assessment Questionnaire (.pdf)

Focus on Why Rather than What (.pdf)

How to Succeed When Working with Tactical Negotiations (.pdf)

Negotiate like The Gambler (.pdf)

Negotiation, Gender Triggers, and Female Lawyers (.pdf)

Rules for Good Listening (.pdf)

Ten Tips for Successful Negotiating (.pdf)

The J.D. Handicap, Logic Over Training (.pdf)

Unethical Negotiating Gambits (.pdf)

What Negotiators Can Learn from Improv Comedy (.pdf)

Art of Negotiation Articles and Resources (.pdf)

(responsible for February Toast) CLE Program #109753

(1.5 hours – general credit)

Cheryl Mason, Co-Captain Tracy Kane Brant Phillips
Ann Russell, Co-Captain Rhonda Kinslow Mariah Samost
Bernadette Welch, liaison Bob Mendes Alex Scarbrough
David Callahan Mary Frances Parker Tracy Shaw
Cynthia Greene-Campbell Russell Perkins  



February 21, 2012

A Refresher Course on the Right Against Self-Incrimination

Historical and International Self-Incrimination (.pdf)

Memo of Law Insupport (.pdf)

Raybin SPEECHsInne of Court (.pdf)

(responsible for January Toast) CLE Program #109754

(1.5 hours – general credit)

David Raybin, Co-Captain Chris Fowler Jenny McMillen
Monte Watkins, Co-Captain Chaucey Fuller Matt Potempa
Bill Koch, liaison Trey Harwell Jimmie Lynn Ramsaur
Jodie Bell Barbara Holmes Brian Winfrey
Mark Chalos Ryan Knight  



March 20, 2012

How to Educate Your Client About the Importance of Professionalism and Reputation

Critique of the Civility Movement (.pdf)

The Professionalism Crisis (.pdf)

Trial Advocacy & Civility (.pdf)

(responsible for November Toast) CLE Program #109751

(1.5 hours – dual credit)

Kathryn Barnett, Co-Captain Andie McKellar Scott Tift
Brad MacLean, Co-Captain Matt Meltzer Jess Uitto
Andeée Blumstein, liaison Gregg Ramos Chad White
Tucker Herndon Phil Smith Sheree Wright



April 17, 2012

New Judicial Recusal Rules and Their Ramifications

2012 Materials (.pdf)

(responsible for October Toast) CLE Program #109756

(1.5 hours – dual credit)

Dawn Deaner, Co-Captain Will Hicky Taylor Sitzler
Randy Kennedy, Co-Captain Ken Jones April Watkins
Jackie Dixon, liaison Judy Lojek Jonathan Williams
Dan Berexa Nicole Paulk Ed Yarbrough
John Burns    



May 15, 2012

[Joint Meeting]

The Andersonville War Crimes Trial

(responsible for the September Toast) CLE Program #109756

(1.5 hours – general credit)

Bill Harbison, Co-Captain Marian Harrison Alistair Newbern
Hank Hildebrand, Co-Captain Lora Manson Justin Seamon
Matt Sweeney, liaison Rich McGee Rachel Thomas
Kenny Byrd Robin Moore Charlotte Wolfe
Patsy Cottrell    
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